John Edgerton: Rucho’s stand

February 10, 2014 

I was proud to see Sen. Bob Rucho standing up for us consumers in the Feb. 2 Under the Dome article “Report totes up cost of corporate tax shelters.” It seems our state is leaving about $61 million in corporate tax revenue on the table that D.C. and 24 other states have put in their coffers by eliminating some tax shelters.

However, when “some unknown left-wing fringe group” suggested N.C. claim that money also, Rucho spoke out. Declaring the group ignorant on taxation, Rucho said the corporate tax would just “pass thru (sic) to the consumers’ cost.”

In N.C., our GOP-controlled government is 100 percent against taxes that just “pass thru to the consumers’ cost.” That’s why it lowered corporate income taxes and replaced that money with a higher sales tax.

We should give thanks to Rucho for saving us consumers. Moreover, we should thank him for the professional way he responded to the “ignorance” of “some unknown left-wing fringe group.”

I would hate to think ignorant extremists have any say in how North Carolina is governed.

John Edgerton


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