William M. Parsons: A slick delivery

February 12, 2014 

I grew up in Dallas where the main event of winter was the north Texas ice storm. The streets were glazed over, trees were coated and every blade of grass was covered with a quarter inch of ice. And, yes, the schools were closed. Everyone had chains for their vehicles.

In the midst of all the bad weather, like regular clockwork around noon, we would hear the sound of boots on the front porch and the mail being inserted in our mailbox. Mail was delivered by the dependable mailman, who walked his route in the rain, snow, sleet and ice. We all knew our mailman by name, and he would often find a cup of hot chocolate waiting for him.

I know our mail folks work hard to get the mail delivered, but in view of the recent and infamous snow day and the fact that many did not get mail that day, I just had to think back to the good-old days when those on foot got the job done.

William M. Parsons


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