Marvin Woll: MEC’s fracking failure

February 12, 2014 

In regard to the Feb. 1 news article “Fracking setbacks proposed”: We see the Mining and Energy Commission has again failed to protect the health of North Carolina residents.

The rule of 650 feet between the wellhead and homes seems like a reasonable distance. Unfortunately, when considering the heavy water trucks and drilling equipment that will be traveling within that space, the trucks will be almost on top of those homes. In addition, the lighting for night drilling operations will be most unpleasant for the surrounding homes.

Then there is the matter of a 200-foot setback between the well and streams or other surface water. If one hose to a tanker truck filled with water and toxic chemicals comes loose, that stream will be filled with thousands of gallons of toxic water. If that stream flows into Jordan Lake, the drinking water for 300,000 people will be poisoned.

Our most important resource in North Carolina is water, not the temporary profits of the oil and gas companies. If the stated goal of the MEC is to make the rules for fracking the safest in the country, the setbacks should be measured in the thousands of feet and not the hundreds of feet.

Marvin Woll


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