Mike Strohmeyer: Match game

February 13, 2014 

With regard to Bill Gilkeson’s Jan. 30 Point of View “Adding needed clarity to new N.C. election law”: His first point about not needing exact matches on names leaves open another whole can of worms that could exacerbate the as-yet proven election fraud problem in N.C.

He seems to imply that election fraud in fact is a problem or that we don’t really care about election reform all that much. I know this isn’t about income taxes, but if the names on tax returns don’t exactly match the information on the Social Security database, at the very least an e-filed return will be rejected. Sooner or later all the databases with personal identification information will have to corroborate each other, if for no other reason than there’s only one “you” and there probably should only be one record anywhere that can be used to validate the information that’s pertinent to “you.”

Why not fix the “match” problem now as best we can rather than later?

Mike Strohmeyer


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