William F. Barnard: Looking long-term

February 13, 2014 

Have these Young Republicans all been trained not to look ahead but only to what was? I read in the Feb. 10 letter “No to coal plan” that removing coal from our power plants will eliminate 9,000 jobs. If we keep it, I’m sure that many more jobs will be created by the environmental impact coal has had and would continue to have from the toxic waste products.

Environmental engineers and technicians would be thriving and thousands of people would be needed in the medical field to treat the exploding populations with the various cancers and diseases derived from the toxic by-products, mercury and arsenic.

Is the letter-writer oblivious of the Duke spill that threatens the water supply of hundreds of thousands of people in southern Virginia? We have a choice: Pollute the only known inhabitable planet or do away with known sources of dangerous materials that kill off mankind and destroy the planet.

Thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency, residents along the shores of Lake Erie can now eat the fish that once were toxic, and a couple of the rivers that flow into the lake no longer catch fire!

William F. Barnard

Willow Spring

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