Lisa Chappell: School chaos

February 13, 2014 

The hypocrisy and lack of logic surrounding school issues are mind-numbing.

People choose the year-round model, touting the efficiency of constant use of the facilities, then complain that make-up days necessitate using Saturdays. Parents nitpick over the negligible difference in instruction time between a half day or a full day that includes specials, lunch and recess.

Parents safely ensconced in the riches of the magnet school curriculum criticize those choosing charters. Parents who choose nontraditional options are accused of trying to insulate themselves from exposure to low-income families, yet low-income families apply in droves when vouchers are offered to leave.

Complaints that charter schools siphon students away from traditional schools abound; meanwhile, schools are being capped because of overcrowding.

Best of all, some folks don’t mind students leaving traditional schools, but they want the child’s financial allotment to stay at the school that is no longer educating him. Otherwise we’re cheating the taxpayers – and the low-income students – who are applying for vouchers. You really couldn’t make all this up.

Lisa Chappell


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