Snow days disrupting Triangle school makeup plans

khui@newsobserver.comFebruary 13, 2014 

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    Sources: N.C. Department of Transportation; city of Raleigh; town of Cary; Duke Energy

  • Triangle snow makeup days

    Some school districts, but not Wake County, have announced their makeup days for this week. Here is what’s been announced so far:

    • In Wake County, traditional-calendar students have classes on Monday, March 28, April 21 and June 11.

    Year-round students, who had their first makeup day on Feb. 8, are supposed to have classes on Saturday, April 26 and May 3.

    Modified-calendar students will attend school on Monday, March 10, March 11 and April 21.

    Early college and single-sex leadership academy students will make up the days on Monday, April 21, May 29 and May 30.

    • In Johnston County, traditional-calendar students will have classes Monday, March 28, April 21, June 12 and June 13. March 13 and June 11 will change from early-release days to full days.

    Year-round students have classes Monday, March 17, March 18, June 12 and June 13. March 13 and June 11 will change from early release days to full days.

    The early college and middle college students have classes on March 3, March 4, March 5, April 16, April 17. Feb. 17 and May 22 go from early release days to full days

    • In Durham schools, traditional-calendar students are scheduled to make up days on Feb. 17 and March 28. No days have been announced for this week.

    Year-round students were supposed to have makeup days on Friday and Monday. No day has been announced yet for this week.

    • In Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools, students are scheduled to have makeup days on Monday, March 28, April 18 and May 26.

    • In Orange County schools, traditional-calendar students have makeup days scheduled for Feb. 28, April 21 and June 13. No makeup day has been announced for Friday, but the district’s calendar says Saturdays can be used.

    Year-round students have makeup days scheduled for Feb. 28 and during the March intersession break.

    • In Chatham County schools, students were scheduled to have makeup days on Friday and March 7. Students will now have a full day instead of a half day on April 11. No day has been announced for this week, but parents are asked to take an online survey about what days they’d prefer.

This week’s snowstorm is disrupting scheduled makeup days for Triangle schools at the same time it’s forcing districts to look for ways to replace the additional lost time.

School will remain closed Friday throughout the Triangle. The latest cancellation knocks out plans for a makeup day Friday for Chatham County schools and Durham’s year-round students while raising concerns about whether Saturday can still be a makeup day for Wake’s year-round students.

And if roads remain treacherous through the weekend, students could get Presidents Day off after all. Usually a holiday, Monday is now a scheduled makeup day for students in several Triangle school systems.

Triangle school systems were forced to cancel between two and four days of classes because of last month’s snowstorm. Those same school systems are now looking at making up two days and, in the case of Wake County, three days from this week.

Under state law, school districts are required to have either 185 days or 1,025 hours of instruction per year. Most districts opted for the 1,025 hours, allowing them to make up the time by doing things such as converting early release days into full days of classes.

Some school districts announced their makeup days for this week.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro students will now have classes on Good Friday and Memorial Day.

And in Johnston County, the school year will be extended a day for traditional-calendar and year-round schools. The traditional-calendar students will also lose Easter Monday, and year-round students will lose March 18.

But no word has come from Wake County, the state’s largest school system and the one with the most time to make up. Wake lost four days to last month’s storm and an additional three days this week.

One person tweeted to Wake that “poor year round folks will never have another weekend” if more Saturday makeup days are added. She asked that the school days be lengthened instead.

“We can do either/or (days or hours) and will pick whichever one works best for our parents,” Wake’s communications staff replied on the district’s Twitter account. “Right now, we’re opting for hours.” Staff writer Jonathan M. Alexander contributed to this report.

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