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Favorite Things: 'Top-off' bottle and jar opener

February 14, 2014 

Her late mother-in-law’s old-fashioned jar and bottle opener is a functional, everyday remembrance for Linda Thompson of Durham.


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This was my mother-in-law’s jar and bottle opener. It’s called the “Top-off,” and it was made in Burlington, Vt. My husband and I inherited it when his mom died. No jar is too tight for this gadget! And, it doesn’t take a big twist either. It is especially useful now that our hand strength isn’t what it used to be.

I looked for something like it and found a company that makes a similar product, and I ordered one for each of our three sons. It’s not the prettiest item in the drawer, but it certainly is my favorite. Sometimes, you can find one of these at an antique store. My advice is to grab one, if you can.

Linda Thompson, Durham

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