Rome Fontaine: Guard should move to Bragg

February 14, 2014 

Regarding the Feb. 8 news article “N.C. Guard resists Army move”: I am an Army veteran of Vietnam and a supporter of the military, but I would like to see the facility in Morrisville reduced in size or shut down entirely and moved elsewhere.

As a resident of Apex, the helicopter traffic is a nuisance, usually flying in the evening, sometimes after 10 p.m.

A battalion of helicopters has no place in the midst of an urban setting. It is just a matter of time before one goes down in the midst of a neighborhood or worse a school. At a minimum they should change their flight path where it doesn’t take them over heavily populated areas.

Aside from being a nuisance, they waste taxpayer dollars riding back and forth to Fort Bragg and other places to receive “training.” If they really want training then drive down to Bragg as a group on weekends where the helicopters can be based and get real training.

If as John Goheen put it, “Our force is full of people who want to be on their feet, with a rucksack on their back, doing things, getting their hands dirty,” they should join the military full time.

Rome Fontaine


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