Anthony Waraksa: Snow games

February 14, 2014 

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill issued a Condition 3 Adverse Weather Alert the afternoon of Feb. 12. Condition 3 closes all nonessential offices and cancels all classes. Duke University implemented its Severe Weather Policy. That requires all classes to be canceled, and nonessential personal were to either go home or stay home.

Yet the Duke at UNC basketball game scheduled for about 9 p.m. was still expected to go on and was not canceled until after 6 p.m. Should not the host school, in this case UNC, have canceled the game when the Condition 3 severe weather alert was issued? Should the Duke team, since it was to have left a Duke campus that was supposed to be closed down, complied with the severe weather policy issued long before game time?

It seems at least to this fan that as enriching as the UNC-Duke rivalry is, in cases like this it should be the university’s policy that determines whether a game should be played.

Anthony Waraksa


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