Notable numbers

February 14, 2014 

19,154 The number of opioid drug deaths in the United States in 2010

3,094 The number of those deaths that were heroin-related; the rest involved pain killers

28 The percentage of Americans who have no bank account

1/3 The number of unmarried parents who are still together by the time their children reach age 5

800,000 The number of Syrian civilians who are under siege and at risk of starvation because aid cannot get to them and they cannot leave

600 The number of calls that Durham’s 911 center received Wednesday during two hours of the snowstorm

75,000 The number of domestic flights that U.S. airlines have canceled because of weather since Dec. 1

14,000 The number of those that were canceled this week

20 The percentage of Americans who moved in a given year in 1950

12 The percentage of Americans who move each year now

50 The percentage of Americans over age 65 who believe America stands above all others as the greatest nation on earth

27 The percentage of Americans ages 18 to 29 who believe that

55 The percentage of U.S. counties, all of them rural, that have no psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers

57 The percentage of U.S. psychiatrists who are 55 or older

550,000 The estimated number of Americans newly eligible for Medicaid coverage under the ACA expansion who have serious mental disorders that impair their everyday functioning

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