Chris Brockman: Teacher vs. teacher not the way to progress

February 15, 2014 

The Feb. 11 front-page photo of Gov. Pat McCrory announcing the newest way to throw teachers a bone was perfect. He’s clearly amused at his scheme to turn teachers against one another by tossing a few scraps that only some will get. It’s so cynical to think the public, much less teachers, is not smart enough to see what he’s doing.

So, $30,800 is not enough to live on, but an extra $2,200 makes everything all right. Oh, but that’s only for brand-new teachers. Teachers with up to six years of experience will make the same $33,000. After that, there will be no raise the first year for those with seven or eight years of experience because they’re already making the big bucks. By 2015-16, they’ll qualify for $35,000 along with all the others with less experience. Now, doesn’t that sound like a morale booster?

Those with nine years or more of experience will get no raises, but they can fight over the other divide-and-conquer small bonuses for the “top” teachers in each school. Both these schemes add up to a whole lot of dog fighting. And that’s what we want our teachers to be doing. Right?

Chris Brockman


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