Kevyn Creech: Give McCrory an ‘F’

February 15, 2014 

Regarding the Feb. 11 news story “Plan touts teacher pay raise”: The governor and other legislative leaders proposed a small raise for beginning teachers, but what about the other 65,000 veteran educators?

They diverted funds from public schools to charters by opening up the floodgates for charter expansion and by supporting vouchers for private schools. They cut textbook and per-pupil spending, forcing teachers to dig even further into their own wallets for school supplies.

They added more high-stakes testing, which erodes already precious teaching and planning time. They lifted the cap on class sizes, allowing for even more students per classroom.

They ended teacher protections (as modest as they were) and did away with financial incentives for advanced degrees. They cut funding for teaching assistants but created unfunded reading mandates.

Teachers are leaving at alarming rates mid-year; more will not be returning after the school year, and they’ve ended the Teaching Fellows Program that could have stemmed some of the loss.

They will try to create competition among teachers by forcing administrators to choose the “top 25 percent” for measly $500 bonuses in a field where collaboration is key.

The N.C. General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory get an “F” from this former teacher.

Kevyn Creech


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