Jonathan Harper: EPA plan will help climate

February 16, 2014 

The EPA’s proposed regulations on power plant carbon emissions are an opportunity that we should not let slip away. Power plants are the largest U.S. source of carbon emissions, and currently there are no limits on these emissions.

Globally, effects of climate change include rising global temperatures and sea levels. Closer to home, we are likely to see more powerful storms like Hurricane Sandy. There are also adverse consequences for our national security, public health and our food and water supplies for failing to act on climate change.

The question we need to ask ourselves is, when are we going to do something about it? America has a history of solving tough problems rather than ignoring them. Our country is capable of leading the way to climate solutions. We only need to look to our local universities’ advancement of renewable energy technologies for proof.

It is time to demand that our government catch up. We need to curb carbon emissions now to protect our country’s standard of living and ensure our future as a world leader. Please tell the EPA that we support the proposed limits on carbon emissions from new power plants before March 10.

Jonathan Harper


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