Bob Kuhlow: A ‘fly over’ state

February 16, 2014 

If anyone believes that the health of our education system is more important than the political careers of Thom Tillis, Phil Berger or Pat McCrory for one nano-second, I have some beach-front property to sell you in Arizona.

The “Plan touts teacher pay raise” news article Feb 11 is simply obvious. Let’s give teachers some scraps off the table and shut them and their supporters up. Polls are down, and they had to at least throw them a bone, but we can’t do it next year due to some problems with the unauthorized waiver to Medicaid costs (how do you spell Wos?).

By the way, elections will be closer when the raises go into effect. Where were these guys last year?

I still see no vision of our educational direction, and a Band-Aid is not going to cure a hemorrhaging wound.

In the Feb. 11 piece “Forum mulls how to keep teachers,” McCrory said better compensation would make North Carolina “a teaching destination, not just a layover.” He doesn’t get it. North Carolina currently isn’t even a layover state. It’s one of those “fly over” states.

Bob Kuhlow


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