Susan Vick: Abused kids need help, too

February 17, 2014 

I appreciate the vehemence of the petitions and protests made by animal lovers and anti-abuse advocates regarding the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s selection of Michael Vick as a speaker. I am an animal lover.

Regardless of Vick’s almost two years in prison and subsequent work with the Humane Society to bring attention to the horrors of his actions, these folks didn’t think his speaking (bringing more notice to his crimes and their cause) outweighed his appearance at the event. When I tried to suggest perhaps his speech might actually shed light on animal abuse, I was chastised as well.

As a former attorney for abused and neglected children in Wake County, I only wish these same people, and more like them, would likewise rally to the cause of the unprecedented numbers of abused and neglected children in our county in the same manner. I have seen firsthand the truly unspeakable being suffered by the little ones who can’t speak for themselves and don’t have a Vick on their side to tell their story.

Susan Vick


The writer is not related to Michael Vick.

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