Jason Beverly: Good and gray

February 19, 2014 

After reading the esteemed instructor of finance’s Feb. 18 letter (“Pretend ambition”) portraying those who lost benefits as “gamers” who “must not have really wanted to work to begin with,” I could not help but think of the arguments made by gun advocates against gun control.

Just as those arguing against gun control are apt to argue that “only the good guys” would be harmed by increased gun control laws because only “good guys” go through permitting, the professor makes the same mistake that assumes “only bad guys” will be removed from the system when benefits end.

Both issues are complex and unique, but the well-educated instructor makes the same mistake as the general public when approaching complexity; that mistake is to simplify arguments in black and white terms. If we are to move forward, our individual and collective thoughts must learn to deal with complexity of issues as nuanced as the psychology of the long-term unemployed and gun violence.

As the finance instructor collects his next paycheck, I do hope he begins to feel some empathy with these supposed “gamers.” After all, his paycheck is courtesy of the North Carolina taxpayers, too.

Jason Beverly


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