Robert A. Williams: Competing cupcakes

February 20, 2014 

With regard to Frederick Parker’s Feb. 13 Point of View “Not buying the traditional Republican message”: I was surprised that Parker could arrive at such an erroneous conclusion about competition.

I have observed a number of members of the “cupcake generation” over time. Certainly, while young, many were pleased getting trophies regardless of performance, and many enjoyed the no-lose video games. But, once they entered the game of life, while they might have started by avoiding competition and participating collaboratively, they quickly discovered there can be only one team captain who generally listens only to two or three “influencers.” Once this fact became obvious, especially in an environment of competing ideas, the cupcakers quickly learned how to compete.

Frankly, I doubt the cupcake generation can suppress the human race’s thousands of years of genetic programming of “survival of the fittest.” Especially in the face of the global economy where many cultures are mightily striving to supplant U.S. exceptionalism.

The one wild card is that seemingly three generations of folks living on government subsidies have mostly lost the drive to succeed. Given this example in our society, I suspect the GOP’s message about excellence through competition is on point.

Robert A. Williams


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