Perry Woods: Coble lacks vision for transit

February 20, 2014 

Commissioner Paul Coble’s Feb. 12 letter to the editor reinforced a record that lacks vision on transit. Cynically, as he faces re-election, he attempts to defuse the issue of transit that he has spent his entire career working to thwart.

Last year, he voted to forbid even a discussion of the “reasonable” transit plan put forward by former County Manager David Cooke. This despite that he and board chairs for the past five years had stated that transit was a top priority. Ironically, Coble uses the word “sustainable” when he killed the county’s Sustainability Task Force over a tin foil hat conspiracy theory that “sustainability” was a U.N. plot.

Coble is blind when he characterizes the plan as “the single answer of rail at any cost,” when it is overwhelmingly about expanding bus service. Commuter rail, supported by DOT Secretary Tony Tata as a solution to the “fortify” project, receives minor funding. It does include planning for light rail to direct some of our inevitable growth, providing an alternative to future gridlock.

Because of Coble, we are behind Durham and Orange counties and will lose our crown as best place to live and work in America if we submit to Coble’s continued lack of vision.

Perry Woods


The writer is a political strategist who has worked with Raleigh Democrats.

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