Notable numbers

February 21, 2014 

63 Percentage of Republican voters who support the tea party

72 Percentage of Republican voters who supported the tea party last year

3 The number of North Carolina cities on the list of the 10 poorest cities in the country

1 Where Lumberton ranked; Roanoke Rapids was No. 3, and Forest City was 8th

$28,293 The median income in Lumberton; the national average is just over $51,000

51 The percentage of North Carolina residents who are women

25 The percentage of General Assembly seats held by women

4 The number of the state’s 31 legislative leadership roles held by women

5 The number out of the nine N.C. Council of State seats held by women

81 The percentage of U.S. elementary and middle school teachers who are women

69 The percentage who were women in 1986

62 The percentage of Bertie County residents who are African-American

98 The percentage of the student body of the private Lawrence Academy in Bertie who are white

53 The percentage of Halifax County residents who are African-American

98 The percentage of students at the private Halifax Academy who are white

58 The percentage of Northampton County residents who are African-American

99 The percentage of students at the private Northeast Academy in Northampton who are white

74 The number of North Carolinians who have died from the flu this season

28 President Obama’s approval rating in West Virginia

1,800 Percentage increase in testosterone sales from 2008 to 2012

$448.6 billion The amount of university endowments in the United States as of June 30

11.7 The percentage increase in the endowments from the previous year

$2 million The amount of endowment funds for every student at Harvard, Yale and Princeton universities

23 The percentage decrease in driving miles for Americans ages 16 to 34 from 2001 to 2009

18 The percentage of students who drive alone to the UNC-CH campus

30 The percentage who drove alone in 1997

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