Margaret Bartholomew: Vouchers not a good idea

February 22, 2014 

Regarding the Feb. 12 Points of View about “N.C. vouchers and the law”: Darrell Allison did not convince me that “opportunity scholarships” or “vouchers” are a good idea for our state.

He did not explain how the qualifying households would pay for the balance of the tuition costs for a private school, nor how they would pay to transport the children to the school. He stated that many are single-parent households or households where both parents work. Most private schools do not provide transportation. This does not sound “free” to me. It is also my concern that many private schools are religion-based, which goes against an important constitutional amendment regarding separation of church and state.

Mike Ward, on the other hand, reinforced my concerns and restated the obvious. We must find a way to use these funds ($10 million) to support our public schools by providing adequate teaching materials, safe facilities and keeping excellent teachers by paying them competitive salaries. Only then will we see the quality of public education as guaranteed by our constitution be available to all.

Margaret Bartholomew


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