Jennifer Keys: Goodbye, teaching

February 22, 2014 

I moved to N.C. in 2002 when I began my career as an educator for Wake County schools. I did more than just teach kids. I inspired them to seek out their own learning and to work collaboratively, and I gave them the confidence to take risks. I took great pride in going to work every day knowing I was making a positive change in the lives of children, colleagues and parents. A teacher’s day is all-consuming, and the government puts such little value on teachers as professionals.

Over this past year, I have had to take a hard look at whether to continue in this profession. After waiting so many years for a light at the end of the tunnel and still not seeing it, I decided it was time to make a change. I left education on Jan. 1.

I am now working in the private sector, where I feel appreciated as a professional and am confident that I can provide a better future for my family.

Quality educators are crucial for our future, and it is time to fight for them. We need to keep teachers from leaving, before it is too late.

Jennifer Keys


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