Conan Fitzgerald: Insulting the silent

February 22, 2014 

Regarding Ned Barnett’s Feb. 16 column “A shout from the silent side”: To consider it a “riddle” that a conservative reader of “modest” means does not see himself in the Moral Monday crowd is insulting. Obviously, progressives have not adequately articulated their righteous cause, leaving the unenlightened to continue to vote incorrectly. Barnett then accuses the man who fills out his taxes according to the law, presumably sends his children to the school the county directs him to and otherwise participates as a citizen in society of “enjoying government aid.” Presumably Barnett’s intention was to encourage the anonymous reader to feel more a part of the community. However, for those who have proudly resisted government assistance, such an accusation amounts to an attack on integrity.

I am a registered independent. Coming from a biblical perspective, I find Democratic “morals” lacking and the frequent objective of maximizing government aid dangerous. However, I make it a priority to read the other side so I can understand where it goes wrong or perhaps even pick up a good idea.

So I appreciate efforts to engage both sides of a debate. My concern is that The N&O is becoming bewilderingly tone deaf toward the “silent side.” When I am living in the basement of one of my children, will there still be an N&O to engage me?

Conan Fitzgerald, Raleigh

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