Your favorite fitness apps: 'Zombies, Run! 5k Training'

From staff reportsMarch 3, 2014 

We recently asked readers to share their favorite smartphone apps for getting fit or staying healthy. Here is one of our favorites. We’ll print more of the great recommendations next week.

Zombies, Run! Susan Ebbs of Cary says she has used several apps to track various nutrition and exercise goals, but “Zombies, Run! 5K Training” ($1.99) is the app that made the biggest difference for her. Ebbs said she had never been a runner, but had always wanted to do a 5K. She considered using “Couch to 5k,” which has an eight-week training plan, but said “Zombies, Run!” caught her eye because a story is integrated into the training.

The app places the user in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, where running is an integral way to get supplies, keep tabs on outbreaks and of course, not get eaten. Here’s more from Ebbs:

“You star in this story as Runner 5, and you are trained each week by other survivors of the zombie apocalypse. As with other 5K training programs, this one involves alternating walking and running, until eight weeks later you are almost exclusively running.”

Ebbs also notes that the app plays your own music during walks or runs, cues you when to switch activities, and as the weeks of training go on, introduces other characters into your story.

“I found it interesting and fun, especially the times when you are running and you can hear a zombie breathing close behind you – time to pick up the pace! But most importantly, I did the entire eight weeks and ran my first 5K!”

Ebbs has completed four 5K races since her “Zombie” training, and has since upgraded to the regular “Zombies, Run!” app ($3.99) to keep up with the story.

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