Pricey consultant leaves thin paper trail at DHHS

March 3, 2014 

Was it just an amazing and blessed coincidence that when Aldona Wos, Gov. Pat McCrory’s secretary of the state Department of Health and Human Services, felt a need to hire a management consultant, she had one close at hand?

Or was the hiring of Joe Hauck at $310,000 another case of a political contributor of the governor’s landing a nice temporary gig courtesy of the taxpayers of North Carolina?

It’s still hard to say because when Michael Biesecker of the Associated Press sought documents connected to Hauck’s consulting work, DHHS provided only three typewritten pages.

Considering the constant turmoil surrounding Wos, including questionable personnel decisions and high-priced consultants – a former Republican state auditor also had a potentially $300,000-plus deal – it doesn’t appear Hauck got the place running like a top.

Wos praises Hauck’s work, of course. But then again, he happens to be an executive with her husband’s company in High Point. Hauck and his wife also contributed over $14,000 to McCrory’s political career. According to campaign finance records, Wos and her husband have contributed over $600,000 to state and federal candidates and committees since 2000.

DHHS is still wrestling with computer problems and Medicaid issues, has had trouble with the food stamp program and at times seems to operate in a state of confusion and disorientation. And all this after hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultants.

What happened to the efficiency in government candidate McCrory talked about in 2008 and 2012?

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