Food Lion deals, March 5-11

Posted by Amy Dunn on March 5, 2014 

  • Food Lion shopping tips:

    *Food Lion stores in the Triangle accept an unlimited number of coupons per order. Coupons are accepted at face value. No more than 10 identical coupons are accepted per order.

    *Be sure to scan your loyalty card at the coupon kiosk near the front door. A sheet of coupons will print each day you shop. These coupons may NOT be stacked with manufacturer coupons, according to Food Lion policy.

    *Sign up for weekly emails to receive additional store coupons.

    *BOGO sale items ring up at half-price so you don't have to buy both items to get the discount. You may use a coupon on each BOGO item you purchase.

Look for nice coupon deals at Food Lion this week on Mueller’s pasta, Bird’s Eye Steamfresh veggies, Gorton’s seafood, hot house tomatoes, Miracle Whip, Nabisco cookies and crackers and Ball Park Franks. Without coupons, there are good deals on chicken, ham, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, kiwi and other produce items -- plus store-brand canned vegetables are just 50 cents each, a stock-up price.

Keep reading for all this week's top deals and coupon match-ups.

Free holiday dinner promotion: Spend $40 or more and receive a weekly ticket toward a free $20 grocery voucher. Six different tickets from six different weeks are required to receive a voucher. Promotion ends April 15 and tickets must be redeemed by April 22.

Three-day seafood sale: Runs Friday through Sunday.

Snow crab legs: $5.99 per pound. Rest of week: $6.99 per pound.

Fish fillets (12 oz.): $3.49. Rest of week: $3.99.

Pink salmon (2 lb.): $6.99. Rest of week: $7.99.

Swai or tilapia fillets (40-48 oz.): $8.99. Rest of week: $9.99.

Gorton’s fish sticks or fillets (18.2-24.5 oz.): $2.99. Rest of week: $3.99.

.50/1 1/5 SS2, 2/2 SS or 3/2 RP

= as low as $2.49.

SeaPak Shrimp (18-34 oz.): $6.49. Rest of week: $7.49.

.75/1 3/2 SS

= as low as $5.74.

Coupon match-ups:

Rice Krispies Treats: BOGO or $1.50 each

.75/1 or $1.50/1 printable coupons on KelloggsFamilyRewards, IF you redeem points

= as low as FREE.

Mueller’s pasta (select, 12-16 oz.): 99 cents

.75/1 pot-sized pasta 2/23 SS

= 24 cents, if pot-sized is included in sale. Great deal.

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables: $1

$1/2 printable coupon on

= 50 cents each!

Hot house tomatoes: $1.49 per pound.

20% cash-back using through 3/10

Kraft Salad Dressing (14-16 oz.): 2/$4

$1/2 in-store kiosk coupon

= $1.50 each.

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo (22-30 oz.): $2.50, Friday through Sunday only. Rest of the week: $3

.75/1 printable coupon on Miracle Whip on N&O’s Find N Save

= $1.75. Great deal if you buy this.

Thomas’ English Muffins: $2.50

.55/1 1/19 SS

= $1.95.

PictSweet baby lima beans (24 oz.): $2.50

.50/1 3/2 RP

= $2.

Ball Park Franks (14-16 oz.): BOGO or $2.50 each

.75/2 1/26 RP2

= $2.13 each.

Nabisco snack crackers: $2.50

.75/2 1/26 SS, expiring 3/8

= $2.13 each.

Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies: $2.50

.75/2 1/26 SS, expiring 3/8

= $2.13 each.

No coupons required:

Kiwi: 50 cents each.

Lemons: 59 cents each.

Cucumbers: 79 cents each.

Green peppers: 89 cents each.

White onions: 89 cents per pound.

Sliced or whole Baby Bella mushrooms (8 oz.): $1.99.

Asparagus: $2.49 per pound.

Chicken leg quarters sold in 10-lb. value pack: 79 cents per pound. Good deal.

Smithfield shank portion ham: $1.79 per pound.

Boneless chicken breast: $1.99 per pound.

Russet potatoes: $2.50 for 5-lb. bag.

My Essentials canned vegetables (14.5-15.25 oz.): 50 cents! That’s a stock-up price.

Chef Boyardee canned pasta or microwave: 88 cents.

My Essentials pasta (12-16 oz.): 98 cents.

Food Lion cooking spray: BOGO or $1.10 each. A good price.

Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread: BOGO or $1.50 each.

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