Carolyn D. Davis: Tillis’ intent

March 5, 2014 

Regarding the Feb. 27 news article “Tillis: Minimum wage hike dangerous”: We have a man who has just filed to run for the U.S. Senate to represent North Carolina who is so far removed from the people that he cannot even define what a “living wage” might look like. His response was “to say private industry ought to answer the question.” We know what private industry does. It rewards the shareholders and CEO, not the little guy.

Thom Tillis is against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. He even hedged when asked whether he would lower the minimum wage. He does not care that most minimum-wage earners are women supporting families nor does he care that most North Carolina residents support raising the minimum wage.

If elected, Tillis will continue to do what he has done all along. He will continue to do what he wants to do and to heck with the residents he is supposed to be representing. Enough is enough.

Carolyn D. Davis


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