State testing change could result in changes to report cards

Posted by T. Keung Hui on March 6, 2014 

A change in the way North Carolina handles achievement levels on state end-of-grade exams could cause school systems like Wake County to have to change their report cards for elementary school students.

The State Board of Education is scheduled to vote today on changing the scoring of end-of-grade exams to have five levels, replacing the old system of four levels. As noted in today’s article, in the process it would result in a lower cut score being needed to pass for state purposes.

In the new system, Level 5 would be considered the same as Level 4 on last year’s exams. Level 4 would equal the old Level 3. Level 3 would be a very narrow range of cut scores equal to a high Level 2 from last year.

Levels 1 and 2 would remain being considered not proficient.

Back when Wake and other districts abandoned traditional letter grades for elementary schools in favor of the “standards based” level system, the EOG test scores were cited as a reason. Wake may have to consider adding a Level 5 to the report cards.

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