The quotable Nesbitt

March 7, 2014 


Rep. Martin Nesbitt, right, talks with Republican Joe Kiser after the state House adjourned for the day without making any obvious progress toward selecting a Speaker in February, 2003. Nesbitt has been mentioned as an alternative to fellow Democrat Jim Black, who is fighting for a third term as Speaker.


State Sen. Martin Nesbitt was a storyteller, a gentleman and a good quote.

Here are some of his more quotable moments from last year’s session.

During the debate after anti-abortion legislation was added to a Sharia law bill on July 2:

“We’re sitting in here tonight, and you’re gonna win this debate and feel really good about yourself because all you big, grown-up, gray-haired men have beat three women. I wanna see what you do with about 10,000 of ’em – ’cause they’re coming. They’re coming. They’re not gonna put up with you doing this to them in the dark of the night in the middle of a holiday week.”

On his conversation with new Gov. Pat McCrory:

“We’ll disagree on a lot of things, but we’ll try not to be disagreeable.”

From the Senate debate over the elections bill:

“We all don’t have the same life experiences. … We may not have heard others’ stories. … . Those problems are not imagined, they are very real. … We can’t pretend there’s not this history, there’s not this problem.”

From last July’s tax-code debate, talking to his Republican colleagues:

“For 10 years we were ranked by Forbes one of best places to do business. Because of a lot of things. We’ve always had this tax rate problem. Now you say we’re 48th. I want to know what you did in the last three years to get us there? … It’s the middle class and working people of this state that are going to pay.”

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