Martha Brock: Dix hearing needed

March 7, 2014 

It has been a year since I spoke at the N.C. legislature to the Wake County legislative delegation on plans for the future of the Dorothea Dix Campus.

The Dix Visionaries are running TV advertising that must cost a bundle. In a paid ad, Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane spoke about the Dix property. However, neither McFarlane nor the rest of the Raleigh City Council has held an official public hearing to hear all sides of the complex issue of the lease between the city and the state of North Carolina.

I would like to know what is in the environmental impact report. It was due to be completed by March 1. Environmental issues were cited in postponing the lease in 2013. There are potentially serious problems with asbestos removal in several buildings and with unknown types of waste on the Dix Campus in three old dump sites.

I am not a resident of Raleigh, but I and other North Carolinians deserve an opportunity to hear all sides of the discussion of the Dix Campus future, as the land is still a property with historic value and great monetary value to the entire state.

Martha Brock


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