Charlie Madison: A boon to bigots

March 8, 2014 

Ross Douthat’s March 4 column “The terms of surrender on same-sex marriage” was a refreshingly candid demonstration that gay people are the only remaining minority group in this country toward whom people are free to say openly discriminatory and hateful things.

He suggests that with gay marriage being inevitable nationwide, gay people should be satisfied remaining as second-class citizens, treated as black people were under Jim Crow. To push for equal rights would be raising a ruckus and getting all uppity, and it might make some people uncomfortable.

He concludes his piece lamenting the inevitability of change and the certainty that what remains is “for the defeated to find out what settlement the victors will impose.” It is a revealing statement. After all, no one is defeated when a group of American citizens is treated the same as everyone else under the law.

The only people who could possibly feel defeat are those who wish to continue to treat gay people as the lesser, as a second class, just as they treated other groups in the past. For these people to suffer defeat at another’s equality, it is not their freedom of religion that is at stake but their freedom of bigotry.

Charlie Madison


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