David Williamson: Let Nyang’oro talk

March 8, 2014 

Regarding the UNC scandal: Imagine paying four lawyers a minimum total of $110,000 for a 40-hour work week! It seems to me that close to a half-million dollars a month, or possibly far more, is too much to pay lawyers for what little remains to be learned about former UNC African studies chairman Julius Nyang’oro’s alleged culpability.

A saner, cheaper, fairer approach would be to offer him immunity from prosecution in exchange for his detailed, sworn account of what happened and why. As inappropriate as his actions appear to have been, odds are that he was only doing what he was asked to do by others at the university or what he wrongly believed was in the best interests of athletes, many of whom were ill-prepared for college success.

Orange County’s DA ought to go along with a no-prosecution deal. That’s in part because, at the behest of UNC officials, he declined to prosecute a fundraiser for charging to UNC expensive trips with his married girlfriend. It’s also in part because trying and imprisoning Nyang’oro would be a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money and display a double standard of justice.

David Williamson


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