‘Laureate’ is winning word in school’s spelling bee

March 9, 2014 

Fifth-grader Ashleigh Nicoll won this year’s spelling bee at Holly Ridge Elementary School.


Fifth-grader Ashleigh Nicoll was named the winner of this year’s Holly Ridge Elementary School spelling bee.

Ashleigh correctly spelled “laureate” to win the bee, which included 34 students and lasted 18 rounds. The runners-up were Brooks Mauro and Catherine Walter, both in fourth grade. Ashleigh will represent Holly Ridge Elementary at the Wake County Spelling Bee this week.

The classroom-level winners who participated in the schoolwide bee were: Danielle Bearman, Blake Benevento, Jalen Brown, Clarkson Bryan, Sebastian Buckler, Gracie Burgess, Jillian Clarke, Jeneen Dahbour, Jenna Davis, Jaylen Dreakford, Michael Duke, Anthony Guevara, Ella Haynes, Emma Grey Hooper, Yassir Idtaleb, Sean Kearney, Selame Kefelegn, Sammy Kemal, Gianna Lagattuta, Molly Lincoln, Braden Mauro, Anna Smith, Finn Stilwell, Ellie Stocking, Drew Tidwell, Emily Tidwell, Nicolas Tobin, Ryan Tracy, Kenneth Wallace, Julia Westmoreland and Madison Wiedling.

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