Bryson Bateman: Stand up to Putin

March 10, 2014 

There are some disturbing historical comparisons in the Crimea.

First consider this: World War I was fought over Serbia. World War II was fought over Poland. Ukraine is between these two.

In 1936 the world’s athletes gathered in Berlin for the Olympics. It was a triumph for the leader of Germany. We all know who that was.

In 1938 a part of Czechoslovakia was excised by the world community so that ethnic Germans could be united with the Third Reich. It was “Peace in our time.” We all know what followed.

I fear that we are at the beginning of another Cold War or worse. There is an ultra-nationalist in Russia who wants to reconstruct the old USSR. I see little difference in this man and the man who gave us World War II. We must stand up to him.

Had Europe forcefully objected prior to 1938, world history might have been very different. We cannot make this mistake again.

Bryson Bateman


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