Leighann Sauls: Security, sportsmanship lacking at PNC Arena

March 10, 2014 

My family recently went to the N.C. State vs. UNC basketball game at the PNC Arena. We are UNC fans, and this was our first “away” game and the last!

The atmosphere was full of energy, and we were politely “harassed” upon arrival in our Carolina Blue attire all in clean, safe fun. That rapidly changed. The men sitting behind us were extremely rude and cursed at us throughout the game. The UNC win only fueled the fire.

In our attempts to leave the arena, we were verbally harassed, bullied and threatened. For our safety, my husband insisted we stay in the arena until the parking lot cleared. Even then we were harassed getting to our car.

The two things that were visibly missing were security and sportsmanship. It is not a question of if something will happen, it is when. PNC Arena needs to increase security in and around the building, and all fans need to act with respect. It was supposed to be fun not frightening!

Leighann Sauls


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