Andrew Leager: Make Union Station connective

March 11, 2014 

At the Feb. 27 workshop showing the latest plans for Union Station in Raleigh, the first slide in the presentation by the architect had a graph indicating that the most important factor from public polls on the project was connectivity. Thereafter, he went on to present the latest drawings, and we didn’t hear or see anything else about connectivity. The new plan’s only connectivity is through its entry plaza at the end of Martin Street immediately to the east.

This project could be the most important building built in the state for many years because it occupies the bull’s-eye of the state’s capital city and because, unlike any other building, it brings together all sorts of rolling stock and people critical for our future. It deserves full pedestrian connectivity from all points of the compass.

The public ought to be alarmed that the project has gone this far with not even a nod of broad connectivity. Union Station could stand as a shining example of how transportation hubs should interact with pedestrians walking in from all over the place, even greenways delivering people directly into and through the building from all sides. Anything less falls short of the mark.

Andrew Leager


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