Duke-Syracuse matchups top ESPN’s list of most watched games

Posted by Laura Keeley on March 12, 2014 

The ACC would be wise to put itself in position for more epic finishes between Duke and Syracuse


Remember all that talk from Mike Krzyzewski back in February about the ACC maximizing its assets in attempts to boost its national brand? And perhaps you recall my conclusion that, in order to do that, Duke and Syracuse need to play twice a year?

Sports Media Watch has produced more evidence to support this point— the two Duke-Syracuse games were the most viewed college basketball games on ESPN this season. The two Duke-UNC contests came in at No. 4 and 10.

Additionally, six of the most eight viewed games this year involved at least one ACC team. Five of the top 10 most viewed viewed games were ACC league games. And of the top 10 most viewed games, five involved Duke (UNC and Syracuse both appeared in three and Virginia was featured once, against Syracuse).

"After the season, we should have plans on how to do this the right way,” Krzyzewski said Feb. 22 after Duke beat the Orange. “We have a gold mine for college basketball. This conference has struck gold. We should be the top one if we continue to figure it out the right way.”

The right way undoubtedly involves two Duke-Syracuse games annually.

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