Tim Epperson: The judge connection

March 14, 2014 

I enjoyed your March 4 editorial “Democracy lost” on the blatant, over-the-top gerrymandering engineered by the Republican-majority General Assembly, most of whom owe their seats to this outrage even though more (total) votes were cast for Democrats than Republicans in the last general election.

The much ballyhooed cry from Republicans that they represent the “vast majority” of North Carolinians because they control roughly 70-plus percent of the GA’s seats is a bunch of baloney – as was a favorable ruling by a three-judge panel that the radical gerrymandering is constitutional, a decision now under appeal to the N.C. Supreme Court.

I wonder just what chance of overturning this wrong-headed lower court ruling actually has given that that the new voter ID law states that public financing for judicial elections will be eliminated. Does this not put the Supreme Court justices in a tight spot?

This subsection of the new voter ID law is little known and its implications are misunderstood by those who “drink the tea” of the Republican mantra that voter ID is just “common sense.” There is much more that stinks lurking behind the “smoke and mirrors” of this unnecessary and unjust law than just the possible undue influence on judges who now must seek out funding to retain their jobs.

Tim Epperson


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