Jim Wiegand: Let Duke pay

March 15, 2014 

Regarding the March 8 business article “Duke: Ash tab belongs in bills”: I just read the opinion of the new CEO of Duke Energy, and all I can say is unbelievable!

After 41 years in the electric production industry, I have been involved in making billions of tons of “coal ash.” The settling ponds were operated under EPA permits that each company knows it must have in place to operate its power plants. Duke didn’t bother to get these permits, and the EPA uppers didn’t bother to shut the plants down.

Duke tries to do whatever it wants. Any water that runs off these ponds is monitored and tested daily and a report submitted to the EPA, unless it’s Duke Energy, of course.

Maybe the CEO just doesn’t know, but why should the customer pay for the illegal actions and mismanagement of the power plants at Duke? Duke has a Board of Directors, a CEO, VPs, directors and managers who are responsible for the safe and legal operation of their plants.

I don’t remember once ever asking a ratepayer if it were OK to skip any required testing procedures. Of course, I didn’t work for Duke.

Jim Wiegand


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