Janis Ramquist: Voter ID not about fraud

March 15, 2014 

Regarding his March 2 column “Ponders’ machine roared for 40 years”: Thanks to Rob Christensen for the history of the legendary voter fraud in Madison County. It’s clear that it required multiple voting (easily uncovered with computers) and packing ballot boxes to change the results of elections.

Nothing in the so-called “voter ID law” would uncover voter fraud. All it does is suppress voting. It reduces the number of days to vote and eliminates same-day registration, provisional voting at the wrong precinct, straight-ticket and Sunday voting.

The voter ID law is a distraction from the real danger to democracy: the buying of elections through TV ads with misleading and outright lies paid for by billionaires who can turn around and take those dollars as a tax deduction.

Janis Ramquist


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