Jerry Atkinson: Collect lost registration funds

March 16, 2014 

Regarding the March 11 Road Worrier column “Wake loses $1.9M to ‘sticker shock’ ”: Statewide and local numbers suggest that drivers are less willing to pay their taxes and more willing to drive on expired registrations.

Surely there are not fewer vehicles this year than last (“a 31 percent increase over the past decade”), and a 10 percent drop in renewals from the same period a year ago should raise a red flag. We should not have to wait for a whole year before determining this is a problem. Certainly it should not “take us a good two years” for people to pay their taxes.

Let’s take a little of the lost revenue, generate a list of expired registrations, give the list to an enforcing agent and, like magic, the lost revenue is collected. Why have we not already created such a system, “in a state where 2 million drivers are late renewing their registrations each year”?

This problem has existed for a long time without any apparent plan to address vehicles with expired registrations. Only now that lost revenue is tied to vehicle registration does it seem to warrant concern.

Jerry Atkinson


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