Barton Holtz: The real tragedy

March 16, 2014 

Your March 10 editorial “ACA rolling along” didn’t tell the whole story here in North Carolina.

In December, I registered my stepson on the ACA website. The ACA offered six plans from $237 to $323 with deductibles ranging from $6,300 to $2,700. He has been unemployed for a long time but three months ago found part-time work. His gross monthly salary is under $1,000.

He is ineligible for subsidies to lower his monthly premiums, and because the North Carolina Republican legislature and governor refused to accept additional federal Medicaid funding, that program is closed to him as well.

The very knowledgeable ACA navigator said that if he can’t afford the unsubsidized premiums, he will have to find some way to obtain free medical care.

The tragedy here is that because our state government chose to stick it to President Obama, it instead stuck it to our residents needing health care the most and who can least afford it. I pray that we can correct this situation in November.

Barton Holtz


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