Doug Sedlak: Krugman a hypocrite

March 17, 2014 

In his March 8 column “The fallacy of the coddled poor,” Paul Krugman scours Rep. Paul Ryan as hypocritical. Krugman told us in no uncertain terms that Ryan’s budget committee assertions are flawed.

Krugman said the committee report attributes declines in labor workforce participation to poverty programs. The report, he said, attempts to deceive that research supports its assertions. “But it doesn’t,” Krugman said. Later he wrote, “What does scholarly research on anti-poverty programs actually say? We have quite good evidence on the effects of food stamps and Medicaid, which draw most of Ryan’s ire – and which his budgets propose slashing drastically. Food stamps, it seems, do lead to a reduction in work and working hours, but the effect is modest.” The effect of Medicaid is small, Krugman said.

So after lambasting Ryan as “demonstrably wrong,” Krugman backpedaled, confessing there is research supportive of Ryan. Krugman is just one more hypocrite in the room.

Doug Sedlak


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