Norman Miller: Punished for views

March 19, 2014 

Regarding the March 15 news brief “Obama backs off surgeon general push”: I was alternately overcome by outrage and despondency when I read that President Obama withdrew his nominee for surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, from consideration in response to the NRA’s objections that he was “more interested in politics than science.” The fatal “sin”: Murthy had written a letter to his congressman supporting stricter gun control measures.

Perhaps I was out with the flu when the basic principles of democracy were discussed in my high school civics class, but I have grown up under the apparent misperception that communicating our views on public policy to our congressional representatives is a mark – even a responsibility – of citizenship in a democracy.

When we have gotten to the point when doing so disqualifies one from public office, our political system is, if not dead, at least terminally ill.

Norman Miller


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