Saying Wake Superintendent Jim Merrill is asking the county to “show me the money”

Posted by T. Keung Hui on March 21, 2014 

The Wake Education Partnership is playing off the movie “Jerry Maguire” to describe Wake County Superintendent Jim Merrill’s proposal to ask county commissioners for a $39 million increase in funding.

In the latest issue of In Context, the WEP’s e-newsletter, the group writes Thursday “you might have thought you were back in 1996 watching that year’s hit movie Jerry Maguire“ if you were watching this week’s school board meeting.

“You remember it, right? Cuba Gooding, Jr. played athlete Rod Tidwell and Tom Cruise played his sports agent, Jerry Maguire,” the WEP writes. “On Tuesday night, Superintendent Merrill essentially delivered Rod Tidwell’s enduring line to Wake County residents and elected officials alike: “Show me the money.”

The WEP calls the request “a very loud and clear call for more local funding.”

The WEP also notes Merrill’s long-term goals of raising teacher pay to the national average and raising local funding to the top in the state.

“Clearly, Merrill has decided the time has come to cast modesty aside,” the WEP writes. “He is boldly and confidently asking the community for support.”

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