Gordon Uscier: Reflecting reps

March 21, 2014 

Regarding his March 19 letter “ Federal mandates hurt state”: It appears that Sen. Neal Hunt should have reflected longer and harder about the big issues facing the state legislature today. His theory of government controlling our health care is absurd. His assertion that the federal debt has more than doubled in the past five years is not true ($11 trillion to $17.5 trillion). And his accusation that a “significant portion of government spending has gone to pay off supporters of the current administration” is without merit and shows a lack of knowledge of the budgeting and spending process of the federal government.

He did, however, make a statement that people should think about: “Whoever controls our health care controls us.” And we individuals lost control of our health care costs long ago. Oh, it would be nice if our state representatives worked with the insurance and health care industries to ensure all N.C. residents have access to needed and affordable health care.

Alas, they must be too busy reflecting. But one can hope that after all the debunked claims, false statements, wild theories and intense reflections that our representatives will actually work to strengthen the ACA and make health care accessible and affordable for all.

Gordon Uscier, Raleigh

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