John McGlyn: Vile cartoon

March 23, 2014 

I write to you with great sadness. For the first time I have doubted my decision to move here from New York. The impetus of this letter is your March 17 editorial cartoon by Joel Pett.

To say I was disgusted and horrified by the depiction of Republicans playing “Hangman” with a picture of President Obama would be an understatement. Especially galling was the premise of the cartoon in regard to Republicans opposing the president and his policies. The not-so-subtle insinuation being if you oppose the president, then you must be a racist.

You have done a great disservice to your readers in perpetuating such vile rhetoric. I sincerely hope this is a mere oversight or momentary lapse of judgment. Further, I am aware of this being an opinion page, but in my opinion this cartoon is dangerously close to “shouting fire in a crowded movie theater scenario.”

I am opposed to many of the president’s policies and deeply resent the implications implied in your paper.

John McGlyn


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