Keith Donahue: Well-built reputation

March 24, 2014 

As a former resident of Oakwood and a homeowner whose current and prior homes all were built in years ranging from the mid-1700s to 1915, I appreciate and respect historic architecture and construction for what they most represent: quality and workmanship. In the absurd conflict raging in Oakwood, any relationship to either was noticeably absent from the various specious arguments put forward by those opposed to the construction of the Cherry-Gordon home.

That was until the opposition held a rally of sorts, in which a spokesperson declared without irony that the “bones” and “details” of Oakwood homes make the neighborhood what it is. Unwittingly, he made the strongest argument yet for why this contemporary home should be built.

A stroll down Euclid and the surrounding streets of Oakwood reveals plainly that the Cherry-Gordon house is sympathetic with the various architectural styles and periods represented throughout this wonderful neighborhood, using high-quality building methods and materials that will surely stand tests of climate and age.

There have been other infill homes and additions built in Oakwood in recent years whose quality and workmanship are far more out of place there than this home shall ever be.

Keith Donahue


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