Janet Hoy: Reprehensible ACA rhetoric

March 24, 2014 

Regarding the March 19 news article “ Health law bashed before panel”: I was chagrined by both the tone and the content of the information presented by Chris Conover to the Joint Study Commission on the Affordable Care Act on March 18 in Raleigh.

If the four co-chairs of the so-called “study group” were trying to defend their anti-ACA stance, then inviting Conover to present an overview of the ACA was understandable. If their intent was to educate legislators and the audience about the ACA, which should be their intent, then they failed dismally.

Conover’s presentation couldn’t have been more anti-ACA, more slanted and frankly more off-target from a factual perspective. By making an offhand and derogatory mention of Sandra Fluke and by prefacing his remarks with the suggestion that the initial “A” in ACA should stand for “Abominable,” Conover was intentionally inflammatory. I am horrified that this is what passes for “study” content, and that this is the way our legislators get their information.

Informing legislators responsible for making critical decisions about health care services available to North Carolinians should be grounded in facts and substantive analysis, not intentional misinformation and rhetoric. With over 200,000 North Carolinians enrolled in marketplace plans, it is clear the ACA is here to stay. Our legislators should get with the program.

Janet Hoy

Vice president, League of Women Voters, Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties

Chapel Hill

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