State Rep. Paul Luebke: The people’s priority

March 24, 2014 

My friend, Republican Rep. David Lewis, used facts selectively to suggest in his March 16 letter “ Wise spending” that the 2013-14 state budget passed by the Republican majority adequately addressed the state’s needs.

State employees, including public school teachers, will tell you otherwise. The many K-12 teaching assistants who lost their jobs because of that budget also disagree. Lewis did not say that the 2013 tax cut bill he and other Republicans sponsored provides each North Carolina millionaire a $12,000 tax break. Further, just eliminating that millionaire tax break and restoring the income tax rate they have been paying without duress since 1991 would make $250 million available during this year’s short session for teacher pay increases and other other K-12 needs.

Governing wisely is about priorities. I believe most Tar Heels agree with me that raising school teachers’ salaries should be a higher priority than increasing the net income of the super wealthy.

State Rep. Paul Luebke


The writer, a Democrat, represents N.C. District 30.

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